Farm attack in which a woman was murdered in Sundra, was organized by the gardener

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Farm attack in which a woman was murdered in Sundra, was organized by the gardener
Farm attack in which a woman was murdered in Sundra, was organized by the gardener

Another woman, who was in her late 40’s, was murdered on Wednesday 30 September 2020, after her black gardener organized the attack. The attack took place on a smallholding at Sundra, Delmas, Mpumalanga just before 13:00. Chantelle Kershaw (43) was assaulted and strangled to death in her garage by two black male attackers. The murdered woman’s mother Grieta Spiers (65) was then attacked in the house and brutally beaten in her face.

Like we know by now, these attacks executed by packs of black men are accompanied by extreme violence and cruelty and many times the victims are killed for a small thing like a cellphone.

The 2 female victims in Wednesday’s attack could not physically fight male attackers who took them on two against one. These attackers always come in packs and use extreme violence against people much weaker than they are. The attackers only took the murdered woman’s bakkie with a lawn mower and a firearm and left.

A member of Afriforum neighbourhood watch spotted the bakkie on the R50 and gave chase. The driver of the bakkie then lost control of the vehicle and it rolled. One suspect was arrested on the scene and one suspect was injured in the crash and was taken to hospital.
The Police did a thorough investigation and discovered the gardener’s phone number on a suspect’s phone. It was established that the gardener organized the attack and summoned the attackers. Police arrested him at the murdered woman’s house. He was there when the attack happened and was tied up by the attackers for show.

Thousands of white South Africans, especially the elderly, were murdered or savagely attacked, many times raped, by black gardeners over the years but the trend continues where whites appoint black workers taken from the street to work in their gardens and houses where of course they can observe the layout of the house from up close.

Here are some recent examples:

– The recent murder of Lizette Deacon and her mother Hettie in Polokwane. They stayed alone and it turned out after a Police investigation that the abduction and murder of the Deacons were planned by their black female houseworker.

– The savage farm attack on Chris (62) and Leonise Joubert (61) in August this year at Dendron where Chris was terribly beaten and Leonise was shot and raped, and both tied up with wire, was organized by the back houseworker’s 18 year old son it was established in the Police investigation.

– An elderly farming couple of Bethulie in the Free State, Kallie (87) and Mercia Kruger (82), was viciously assaulted and tied up with wire on Wednesday evening 23 September, 2020 by two knife wielding black attackers who pertinently asked for the wages money that Mr Kruger withdrew on earlier in the day. The attackers had exact information about the money and this information could only have been given out by a worker on the farm.

– Hannes (72) and Rina Loots (73) were violently attacked and robbed by a worker in Sasolburg on 22 September 2020..
The worker stayed out of work for 2 days and hid himself in the couple’s yard for a day, waiting for the right time to attack.
The attacker threw Oom Hannes to the ground and terribly and repeatedly kicked him in his face and body and then pulled Tannie Rina into the house by her hair. The attacker also stabbed her with a braai fork and strangled her. The attacker fled with R70 000 in cash and the elderly people had to be hospitalized in a serious condition.

– A 82 year old woman was raped and almost strangled to death in Noupoort, Northern Cape in April of this year by a back gardener appointed by her daughter. The daughter literally took the worker off the street to work unsupervised in her elderly mother’s garden.
We can go on and on and on. We can warn people but if they refuse to take heed of our warnings they will have to live with the consequences unfortunately.

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