Farm attack in the Maartenshoop area outside Lydenburg

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Farm attack in the Maartenshoop area outside Lydenburg
Man shot and killed whilst responding to robbery at neighbors

A woman, her nine-year-old son, a friend, the farm foreman and several workers were attacked on Sunday night on a farm in the Maartenshoop area outside Lydenburg, Mpumalanga province.

The 41-year-old woman, whose husband died after an illness, was in her house with her son, friend, and the 23-year-old foreman when he received a call from an unknown number. The foreman recognized the call as one of the workers.

Apparently, the worker told the foreman that his wife was sick and requested that he come and assist. On the way to the worker’s dwelling, the foreman was overpowered by five suspects of which one was armed with a gun. The suspects tied up the foreman. The suspects had already tied up several workers and their spouses and threatened to shoot them.
The suspects then forced the three workers and foreman back to the main house. The woman saw the group approaching the house and locked herself in the bathroom and called for help.

While walking toward the main house, one of the suspects shot the dog in its neck. The suspects fired shots at the main bedroom window and threw rocks at other windows in an attempt to access the house.

A neighboring farmer arrived at the house, and the suspects fled on foot. So far it is established that only the foreman’s cell phone is missing and there were no serious injuries.

Rural security and the police responded to the incident.

The police are investigating a case of house robbery, and the suspects are still at large.

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