Daughters orchestrate kidnapping, gang rape and murder of their mother

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Daughters orchestrate kidnapping, gang rape and murder of their mother
Daughters orchestrate kidnapping, gang rape and murder of their mother

The police in Mpumalanga had another breakthrough after the arrest of a 41-year-old suspect, a woman who has been in hiding since the murder of Ms Wanter Dlamini aged 62, of Barberton on 6 January 2020. She was arrested on Thursday 20 February 2020 and she is due to appear in the Barberton Magistrates’ Court on Monday 24 February 2020.

After a month long search, the woman alleges that she was hiding somewhere in Gauteng but the net had closed in for her and there was no way she would further escape her day in court.

As the report earlier suggests, Dlamini was invited by her 30-year-old daughter, Nonhlanhla Mthunywa, for a visit. Nonhlanhla apparently came with a male friend when she convinced her mom (Dlamini) about the intended visit and she agreed without any hesitation. Unbeknown to her, the said visit was a well-orchestrated plan that would lead to her ultimate death.

On that fateful day, just like any mother would be delighted to visit their loved ones, Dlamini could not contain her happiness and she prepared herself for the journey to visit her daughter as requested. Information further indicates that Nonhlanhla organised her 41-year-old friend (now arrested suspect) as well as two other male friends and then waited for her mother to arrive.

When she (Dlamini) eventually arrived at Nonhlanhla’s place, she was allegedly kidnapped, assaulted, senselessly gang raped by the two males whilst Nonhlanhla and her friend were holding her. When these suspects were done with their barbaric deeds, they then strangled Dlamini to death, wrapped her body with a blanket and hid it in an outside toilet.

Later on 6 January 2020, Nonhlanhla’s sibling was restless to a point where she organised transport which helped to remove Dlamini’s body and dumped it at a nearby grassy area next to the road.

Reports also unearthed that Dlamini’s body was discovered, whereby a murder case was opened and an investigation ensued. The police investigation revealed that Dlamini’s death was well planned ahead. It has since surfaced that in November 2019, an insurance policy was taken by Nonhlanhla’s friend wherein Dlamini’s name was in the centre of the policy and her (Dlamini) unnatural death would imply that there would be a double cash pay-out.

The investigation team managed to unearth preliminary truth about the death of Dlamini hence the arrest of the 41-year-old woman on Thursday, 20 February 2020 and charged with murder.

The Provincial Commissioner of Police in Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma has thanked police for their swift arrest of the suspect “We have kept our promise of ensuring that offenders will be brought to justice to face their crimes in court and in this instance we believe that the Detective team, the Prosecution as well as the Judiciary will ensure that justice is served in this case in which an elderly and defenceless woman’s life was brutally taken. When one looks at the allegations levelled against the suspects, it is evident that the morals of our society have collapsed to a point where some people are consumed by greed which at times lead them to do unspeakable things like killing their own for the sake of blood money. We hope that the society will learn that even if you commit crime then go into hiding, but the truth will be revealed at the end and we urge the public to stop engaging themselves in criminal activities because they will be caught one way or another,” said General Zuma.

The court will also tomorrow, at 14:00, hear the outcome of the bail bid of 39-year-old Penolope Mampune Mthunywa, the eldest daughter of the deceased, who is contesting to be freed on bail and police are opposing her bail application.

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