Child grooming and rape of young girls, man in court, Nelspruit

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Child grooming and rape of young girls, man in court, Nelspruit
Child grooming and rape of young girls, man in court, Nelspruit

A 35-year-old security guard appeared at the Nelspruit Magistrates’ Court on 1 July 2020, on charges of rape, sexual assault, child grooming, supply, expose and display to a child an article of pornographic material. These series of events are believed to have taken place between January and March 2020.

Reports indicate that the man, who was regarded as a family friend by the victims’ families took advantage of the girls and allegedly committed these barbaric acts against them. The young girls also regarded the man as a father figure whom they never thought would harm them and at times, they would sleep over at his place. However, the man had his own thoughts and whenever they would sleep at his place, to him it became an opportunity to pounce on them when his wife was not at home.

The suspect’s alleged evil tendencies continued for a period of about three months until one of the victims disclosed to a family friend.

The matter was immediately lodged with the police where a case was opened at Nelspruit and the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS) took over the investigation. On 7 April 2020, the suspect was nabbed and he made his first court appearance at Nelspruit on 8 April 2020. He was granted bail of R1 500, then on 1 July 2020, his case was postponed to 3 August 2020.

Lieutenant General Zuma, has expressed his disappointment on the alleged disgusting actions displayed by the suspect,” The allegations against this man cannot be condoned in our society. No one should be allowed to prey on our innocent children and not feel the full might of the law,” he said.

General Zuma also made a plea to parents as well as members of the community, to always be vigilant when it comes to their children.

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