Mother and baby held at gunpoint.

A woman from Centurion with a two-month-old baby feared for her life and that of her child when she was held at gunpoint in her house in Lyttelton on Tuesday morning.

Chanelle Murray-Marinov said she was busy changing her daughter’s nappy in the bedroom when she heard a noise behind her. “At first I thought it was my husband, so I yelled out ‘who’s there’, but no one answered. The next moment I felt something cold and hard against my head,” said Murray-Marinov.

According to her, the man that stood behind her threatened to shoot her and her baby if she turned around. “The man hit me several times over the head with the gun to indicate that he was serious. I feared for our lives.” In the next room, she heard a second person plugging out a tablet and scuffling around. She then knew there must have been at least two people in their one-bedroom apartment.

“After a few minutes, the man closed my bedroom door and said that if he saw me outside the house, he would shoot me.” She heard the men leaving the house and counted to ten before running outside to see in which direction the suspects were headed.

She ran back into the house, pushed furniture against the doors and phoned her husband Melano. When Melano arrived, he noticed that the suspects had lifted their gate from its railing to enter the premises. The couple have only been living in the neighbourhood for five months, but since the incident, they have been been trying to move. “We don’t feel safe here anymore,” Murray-Marinov said…