More whites leaving South Africa for Germany

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More whites leaving South Africa for Germany
More whites leaving South Africa for Germany. Photo: Die Vryburger

After the Vryburger posted a report on the demand for foreign workers in Germany, the inquiries are becoming almost unmanageable. The reasons for the exodus are clearly one of the people who have become tired of the crime, corruption, rape, theft, hijackings and many other crimes they face daily.

At least two people reported in their inquiries that the load shedding was just the last straw that made them such a radical decision to swap South Africa for Germany.

The inquiries range from people in education to legal professions, medical professionals and technical staff.

In order to help readers, it is recommended that they contact the German Embassy, ​​include a CV and indicate in which professional field they are qualified.

The Vryburger is not in favor of encouraging people to leave the country, but also cannot refuse to offer little help where necessary.

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