Money, money and more money, municipality ‘bail outs’

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Money, money and more money, municipality ‘bail outs’
Money, money and more money, municipality 'bail outs'. Photo: Die Vryburger

So called experts are now being appointed by the state to assist the more than 55 dysfunctional municipalities with their core operations.

Dysfunctional means that the entity does not function properly due to lack of knowledge and expertise of the staff.

The experts have to help to plan, coordinate delivery of services, apply infrastructure and financial management as well as teach the “people” to perform administrative tasks.

31% of the country’s councils are in chaos, another 31% are on the verge of chaos while another 31% are only functioning fairly. Only 6% work well.

The Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Zweli Mkhize, with the announcement, refused to name the municipalities by name.

Meanwhile, city executives earn R900 000 a year and all they achieve is to turn towns into dumps.

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