Minority rights deserve no prioritising: Gauteng MEC for Education

Minority rights deserve no prioritising: Gauteng MEC for Education

Dear president Zuma, Sorry for interrupting in your busy schedule this morning, you probably have two and threety one hundredth eleventy six things to attend to, but one of your guys made a statement and I was just wondering whether you support him.

I am talking about headmaster Panyaza Lesufi in Gauteng. He says the overcrowding in traditional black schools up there is the fault of the white people. Can white people have that many black babies? No, seriously now, mr Lesufi says he does not have tables and chairs for the children while in Afrikaans schools there are not enough pupils. So his solution is: Teach them all Mandarin, then everything will be solved.

Wǒ xiǎng zhīdào zhōngwén shì rúhé qù jiějué yǔ yùnshū cóng xiāngzhèn hé cóng rényānxīshǎo xuéxiào de wèntí? Wǒ yě xiǎng zhīdào xuéfèi jiāng jìnrù de wèntí? Dāngshí de wǒ, qíshí bù zhīdào, shénme xiānshēng Lesufi zěnme shuō de yǒu dàolǐ. 知道中文是如何去解決與運輸從鄉鎮和從人煙稀少學校的問題?我也想知道學費將進入的問題?當時的我,其實不知道,什麼先生Lesufi怎麼說的有道理。

Mr Lesufi should not have problems reading the paragraph above as he is so eager to have Mandarin all over the place, but for the rest of us getting by with our local languages, what I asked was: “I would love to know how Mandarin was going to solve the problem relating to transport from the townships to and from the underpopulated schools?

I was also wondering where school fees will enter the question?

I was, in fact wondering, how anything mr Lesufi says makes sense.” But let us forget all of this for the moment and focus on the last statement Mr Lesufi made towards the press the other day: “…we cannot prioritise the interest of the minority…”

He does realise that minority rights is a basic Human Right, does he not? What I would like to know is: Do you support that statement? Does the ANC officially support the statement by the Gauteng MEC for Education that minority rights deserve no prioritising?

For if so, mr Zuma – Front National South Africa has a proposal for you: Give the minority the right to self determination and freedom in a piece of this country calculated according to the demographics of our population.

If we are, for example, 12,2% of the total population – let us negotiate for 12,2% of the surface of the current South Africa as a free state. (I am using these figures merely for argument’s sake, I am not claiming that we deserve only one and two-ty and more two plus another two small zeros and a crooked one falling over in between of the land)

This solves the problem both ways and Bob’s your uncle.

Come-on mr Prez, whadda you say?

Daniel Lötter
FNSA Information

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