Minority population under attack in South Africa

Daniel Sutherland

Minority population under attack in South Africa
Minority population under attack in South Africa

Verified crime incidents from Friday 31 August 2018 to Wednesday 5 September 2018 in South Africa:

1. Simon Milliken (60), a British citizen, was stabbed to death by a robber when he took a philharmonic orchestra conductor from Hong Kong, Peri So, on a sightseeing tour in the Burman Bush nature reserve in Morningside, Durban on Friday.

2. Jean-Pierre (JP) Bezuidenhout, only 14 years old, was shot and killed by black armed robbers in Harrismith on Friday after he arrived with his father and mother at a local supermarket to buy groceries.

3. Rowan Heine (23) was shot and killed in his bedroom by black men who broke down the door of the house early Sunday morning in Randburg.

4. Dhir Roy Singh (68) and his partner Kay (60) were found murdered on a farm in Cottonlands in KZN on Monday.

5. An elderly couple of 85 years old were hit over the head with a hammer by attackers in their house in Vermont at 05:20 on Monday morning.

6. Raenne van der Wath is still in a critical condition in hospital. She is the young woman who was attacked in her kitchen with a machete by a farm worker at around 0600 on Monday on the farm Hummelo at Darnall, between Richards Bay and Durban.

3 FARM ATTACKS in South Africa on Wednesday 5 September 2018.

1. Hartswater, Northern Cape. Elderly farmer beaten with shovels and sprayed in eyes with weed-poison. 2 suspects fled on foot. Farmer has lost some teeth as well.

2. Marble Hall, Limpopo. Back door broken open by attackers. Female victim shot at attackers in self defence and they fled. Suspects were picked up by fellow criminals with a vehicle at road.

3. Levubu, Limpopo. 4 suspects attacked farmers wife and two farm workers. Firearms, cash and appliances taken. White BMW X5 also taken. Vehicle recovered by farm watch later with stolen appliances. Firearms and cash still missing.

Look at who the victims are. Look at what race is attacking them.Draw your own conclusions. What is the solution?

Article By Daniel Sutherland

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