Metro Police officer calls motorist ‘f****** racist’

A resident who was fined early on Tuesday (20 May) night by the Metro Police claims she was verbally abused and wrongfully fined by the officer. The young woman, 19, who prefers to stay anonymous out of fear of victimisation, was travelling with her mother in Princess when they turned from President Street into CR Swart Road.

Although she claims that she did stop completely in order to give another motorist who was at the stop street first a chance to go, she was pulled over by a Metro Police officer.

A minor argument ensued but the officer insisted she did not stop and proceeded to write the fine. He then allegedly threw the fine book into the car and told her to fill in her details.

In the meanwhile she and her mother noticed that other motorists who did indeed not stop were only pulled over and given warnings. When she asked the officer why she who did not commit an offence gets a ticket while those who do just receive warnings, she was told “because you are a f****** racist”.

Both she and her mother feels that the Metro Police officer’s behaviour was highly uncalled for.

She supplied the record with a copy of the infringement notice, which includes the officer’s name and force number and this will be forwarded to Metro Police spokesperson Wayne Minnaar…


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