Members of blue-light convoy assaulted road user

Members of blue-light convoy assaulted road user

Johannesburg Metro Police members forming part of a blue-light convoy for Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa allegedly assaulted a road user for no reason.

On Friday 5 September at approximately 12.45pm, Bernard Venter was travelling as a passenger in a colleague’s car in the Midrand area. They stopped at a red traffic light and were passed by a blue-light convoy that continued through the red light towards Grand Central Airport.

Venter and the driver pulled away when the light turned green but were stopped by four Metro Police officers on motorcycles. One motorbike was parked so close to the driver’s door that it could not be opened.

Venter made a questioning hand gesture to ask what was going on and an officer got off his bike and pulled open the passenger door saying, “Wie die f*k dink jy is jy?” and then allegedly punched Venter with a closed fist and split his lip.

He got out of the vehicle in a submissive manner and the Metro officers continued to pull, push and swear at him. When Venter requested the name of one of the officers, the officer replied “My naam is jou ma se p**s”.

The registration numbers of two of these Metro bikes are CFO 505 GP and CFO MZ GP.

The two men then were told to meet the officers at Grand Central Airport. When they arrived there, the officers were not in sight. Upon questioning airport security staff they were told the convoy was transporting Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The victim has laid charges against these officers.


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