Mbalula issues call-up for more than 600 former ‘freedom fighters’

Die Vryburger

Fikile Mbalula - Image - Die Vryburger

The minister of police has called up 600 members of the so-called non-statutory powers (NSM) after a meeting on Friday.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss promotions and possible fears that Mbalula wants to “buy” such loyalty for the December ANC election as well as the 2019 election.

The call also includes members of the Hawks and regional and provincial commissioners.

NSM members are police officers of former terrorist movements, which are now called “liberation movements” and which are integrated into the SAPS.

On inquiry, Mbalula’s spokesperson said that the meeting was part of the ongoing process of integrating former Umkhonto we Siswe and Azanian Liberation members into the SAPS.

The promotion of “terrorists” was already approved by the Cabinet and Parliament in January and described as “payback for pals.”

Many of these people serve in the infamous Blue Light Brigade and do not have the necessary training or skills to perform real police services.

This move is seen as forming a group around Zuma and its followers.

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