Marli van Breda now knows what happened

Marli van Breda now knows what happened

Marli van Breda, the young survivor of the De Zalze axe-killings, knows her parents and elder brother are “in heaven”.

In a statement issued yesterday by her guardians, they said Marli (16) “looks very good and the wounds have almost completely healed.”

“She misses her family very much.”

Marli could not make a police statement yet.

The guardians, whose names are not to be communicated, visited Marli on Thursday for the first time in hospital since the attack on January 27, 2015, on her and her family, in their home on the golf estate De Zalze near Stellenbosch.

Marli was hit on her head with an axe and her jugular vein was cut off in the attack.
Her parents, Martin (54), Teresa (55), and older brother, Rudi (22), was killed in the attack. Her brother Henri (20) survived.

Her guardians said in the statement that they and other family members have been visiting Marli several times since Thursday at the Vergelegen Medi Clinic.

For medical reasons they could not visit her before.

“The visits are invaluable for Marli and her family. The more than four weeks, in which no contact was possible with Marli, was very traumatic. It was for us as a family very difficult not to be able to hug and comfort her, “read the statement.

“Her sunny smile and good sense of humor made all the waiting worthwhile.”


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