Malema’s ‘shoot to kill’ should be investigated


Malema’s ‘shoot to kill’ should be investigated
Malema’s 'shoot to kill' should be investigated

AfriForum requested Lt. Gen. Sithole, the SAPS Registrar and National Commissioner of Police, to investigate Julius Malema’s actions and determine whether he is fit to own a firearm.

In terms of Schedule 102 of the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No 60 of 2000), a person can be declared unfit to own a firearm after an investigation by die Registrar. This occurs when the person among other indicated that s/he is intends to kill her-/himself or someone else with a firearm or other dangerous weapon, and/or because of the person’s tendency towards violence, which means that it is in no one’s interest for her/him to own a firearm.

AfriForum obtained numerous statements pointing towards Malema’s violent disposition. This, together with his statement “When it comes to my wife and kids, I shoot to kill”, justify an investigation by the Registrar, as indicated above.

It seems that Malema has often clashed with the law over the past few years, and several complaints have been laid against him. Various members of the public also indicated that Malema had assaulted them. It is also alleged that Malema violated the Firearms Control Act on numerous occasions.

“AfriForum cannot allow Malema’s irresponsible and reckless behaviour to go unpunished. A firearm in possession of a person who treats his fellow citizens in such a way obstructs the Firearms Control Act and damages the image of all legal firearm owners,” says Marnus Kamfer, Legal and Risk Manager at AfriForum Community Safety division.

“The Registrar should judge Malema, as the leader of a political party, more severely because of his position and the influence that he has on his supporters. AfriForum will observe the progression of the investigation with interest,” says Ian Cameron, AfriForum Head of Community Safety.

AfriForum laid a complaint against the leader of the EFF earlier this year after he fired an object that looked like an assault rifle at the EFF’s fifth anniversary festivities. According to the SAPS Mdantsane office, the complaint has since been referred to the NPA for consideration. Malema’s recent statements can cost him dearly.

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