Malema’s fraud charges – why Afriforum did the right thing

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

Malema’s fraud charges – why Afriforum did the right thing
Malema responds to AfriForum, 'Bring it on bloody racists'

“Malema was calling for #783 to have his day in court.

Now that Afriforum has indicated that they will bring a private prosecution against Malema, if the NPA fails to prosecute, giving Malema his chance to clear his name , Malema plays the race card. If he’s not guilty, he should go to court, face the music and clear his name instead of shouting “bloody racist”.

If Malema wins his case in court, the whole world will know that he is innocent.

To recap, the NPA did want to prosecute Malema on fraud and corruption charges but on the day his trial was about to begin, the judge struck the case off the court roll because a co-accused was not present in court. So in other words Malema was never pronounced innocent by the court and his case can be re-enrolled by the NPA at any time.

The question is, why did they not do it a long time ago? This has always struck me as suspicious and the only explanation is that the NPA deliberately found a way to scupper the case through the non presence of the co-accused. This could only have been done because of political motivations, maybe to get Malema back in the ANC.

If there was no Afriforum and Adv Gerrie Nel, the likes of Malema and Duduzane will always remain above the law.

The NPA only decided to charge Duduzane Zuma with culpable homicide after Adv Gerrie Nel threatened a private prosecution .

This proves that we need Adv Gerrie Nel’s private prosecutions unit to force the NPA to do their jobs without fear or favour “