Malema – ‘No farmers are being murdered’ – but earlier supporters sang ‘Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer’ – Senekal

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Malema - 'No farmers are being murdered' - but earlier supporters sang 'Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer' - Senekal
Malema - 'No farmers are being murdered' - but earlier supporters sang 'Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer' - Senekal

“There are no farm murders in South Africa. There are no white farmers being murdered in South Africa.” This is what Julius Malema said when he addressed a crowd of his supporters in Senekal on 16 October 2020. A splinter group of the EFF supporters, dressed in red, broke away around 10:00 in the morning and surrounded a white group which came to Senekal to protest against farm murders.

The meeting place of the farmer group was some distance away from the centre of town where the EFF was supposed to be. The white group, which was on their way to their designated meeting place, then stood still and did nothing provocative whilst the EFF supporters sang ” Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer.”

The EFF supporters also drew their fingers over their throats to signal their intention to kill.
The EFF members also had knobkerries, golf clubs and hockey sticks with them.
The EFF group also stoned a motorcycle group which were leaving town before they moved away from the farm murder protest group.

Malema made his supporters wait the whole day in the sun before addressing them around 16:00. Malema attended the bail application of two suspects accused of the brutal murder of Brendin Horner (21), who was found stabbed and beaten to death on the farm where he stays on 2 October 2020. The question is still left unanswered what Malema was doing attending the court case. Did he go to support farm murderers?

Malema said women and children are being murdered in the country but there are no farm murders. Don’t believe old privileged white racists he said. Malema also said white people did not come to Senekal to protest farm murders but because they wanted to maintain the pattern of land possession in the country.

Of course that is a subject of many lies by blacks as well, that whites own all the land. It is for instance never mentioned how much land the State owns in South Africa. Malema also said that if a black and a white man seeks the same job, the black man will get the job due to the history of the country.

It seems that Malema is the new Ramaphosa. Malema’s blunt and brusque (does he speak in any other way) statement that “THERE ARE NO FARM MURDERS IN SOUTH AFRICA” must make all of us just more determined to expose farm murders to the world for what it is – a campaign of terror, a slow war to drive white people off land, an ethnic cleansing campaign.

We will never ever accept that the blood, tears and pain of our people vanish just because Malema say there are no farm murders in South Africa.

What is it with black nationalist politicians and liberal/globalist puppets and projects like Malema and farm murder denial?

Let us just quickly look at facts again. We will never ever again let black politicians and their liberal white friends pull the wool over our eyes and make us accept the slaughter on us with the ” ordinary crime” narrative again . Not anymore. It is not just farm attacks either, the same type of attacks, which is accompanied with extreme violence and torture, are now happening in our towns and cities.
We are not doing this to ourselves. We must now call it what it is – black-on-white terror.

Let us never be silent again.

Let us be motivated by that facist Malema’s denial of farm murders to speak out like never before. Share each and every murder on us, whether it is happening on farms or in cities and towns on your social media accounts. Just imagine – if Malema can deny the murders on us, what does he has in mind for us as an ethnic minority once he gets his hands on power?

Malema, short message for you : Don’t think that just because you are black, you will get away with such lies.

It is incredible that the liberal media has been so successful in keeping farm murders a secret and off the radar that a black facist like Malema think he has the right, like Ramaphosa did, to deny the existence of farm murders.
For the record well over 2000 white people, including many children, have been horrifically murdered by blacks on farms, thousands of women raped, thousands of people maimed and left scarred for life.

If this is the situation on farms, how many more such murders and attacks happened in cities and towns? Nobody kept a count of this brutal black-on-white murders but there must have been tens of thousands of these murders over the last 3 decades.

#BreakTheSilence #ThisEndsNow

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