Malema misleading people on the e-toll issue VIDEO

Malema misleading people on the e-toll issue VIDEO
Malema incites violence against farmers and praises idol Mugabe

Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), is a man who talks tough and tosses out promises to the people. Promises of a better life, security, land and food coupled with good governance and prosperity. All the promises are just talk and no action. How can anybody believe Malema when he makes a promise and does not follow up with actions?

During April 2014 Malema said that “We are going to destroy e-tolls physically. We can’t remove them emotionally,” he told thousands of people outside the SABC buildings in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. “If that is an incitement to violence, police must come and arrest us,” Malema said.

Two years have passed, and the e-tolls are still standing. Malema has not issued another word about the e-tolls, and there was no further action taken by the EFF party or Malema. How can people trust the EFF when all they do is shout out empty plans?

It might be that Malema and EFF members do not pay e-tolls, and that would be the only action taken on this matter. Of course, physically removing all the gantries would cause chaos and probably a lot of trouble for Malema and his party. However, it is clear that Malema would use any tactic to mislead voters and incite violence.

The people, the ignorant followers who believe every word Malema utters, are the ones that will never be free. The latest drive from Malema is the land issue and how the EFF will take the land and give it to the people. It is once again another tactic used by Malema to gain popularity and votes ahead of the election in August. How will Malema take back the land?

Perhaps Malema should concentrate on creating jobs for the millions of unemployed followers and stop promising a good life for all under the EFF. The e-tolls are here to stay, and nothing Malema says or does will have an effect on the e-toll system.

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