Mail and Guardian paper publishes anti-white hatespeech by propagandist Andile Mnxingtama

Genocidal hatespeech: Mail and Guardian publish anti-white hate incitements by black racist propagandist Andile Mnxingtama – Andile Mngxitama is not a journalist – he is merely a black-racist liar whose entire adult career has been misspent inciting black people to kill white South Africans.

In the past his articles have even forced newspapers to publish retractions because of his lies and gross propaganda misrepresentations. Anything this Mnxcitama writes must ALWAYS be examined and re-checked VERY carefully before any attention should be given to this black-racist propagandist by any serious news media sources. His only method is to incite the emotions of black people against whites…

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Dear Mr Branson,

My name is Andile Mngxitama. I am the Economic Freedom Fighters’  (EFF’s) commissar for land and agrarian revolution. Our movement got 1.1-million votes in the recently held elections in South Africa and will be represented in Parliament, with the real prospect of becoming the government in our lifetime.

I write to alert you to an illegal activity you may unwittingly have been part of. Our media reports that you have just bought yourself a 40 hectare wine farm in Franschhoek.

Sir, you have bought stolen property. The consequence of your witting or unwitting participation in this illegal transaction is that the EFF policy of land expropriation without compensation may, in the near future, affect your investment adversely.

It behooves me to warn you now so that you do not plead ignorance on the day of historical redress, which may not be too far off.

You may not know, sir, the history of land dispossession in our country, which renders all land stolen property. Basically, there are two idioms that govern the land dispute in our country. The dominant idiom since 1652 is that of the settler, who imposed it upon the native majority through force of arms. The result of this conquest is that, about 350 years later, the native majority is landless and only about 40 000 white families own up to 80% of our land…

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