Lukas Labuschagne 72, kicked to death by 4 black men in Mercedes

Lukas Labuschagne 72, kicked to death by 4 black men in Mercedes

Afrikaner pensioner Lukas Labuschagne 72, kicked to death by four well-dressed black men in Mercedes, alongside a Benoni road.

2014-05-31 Reported by Pieter-Louis Myburgh. 72-year-old retired building contractor Lukas Labuschagne was kicked to death by 4 angry black males in a Mercedes.

The old Afrikaner was driving his bakkie to take his son Adriaan and two of their workers around on jobs because Adriaan’s vehicle was being serviced.

The group was confronted by four black males who were driving their Mercedes recklessly, and at high speed through the traffic.

The driver of the Mercedes then rode Labuschagne’s bumper and tried to push them all of the road – despite the fact that the two workers were seated on the back.

Lukas refused to give way. The Mercedes pulled in front of them, pulled to a stop in front of the bakkie. and the four ‘neatly dressed males’ climbed out and stormed towards the group in the bakkie. Adriaan and his dad climbed from the bakkie to find out why the men had blocked them.

They were attacked at once: Adriaan was hit in the face and kicked in the ribs.  I could defend myself against two of the men.

I saw my dad fall to the pavement after the other two attacked him. One of his workers said one of them had kicked Mr Labuschagne senior in the stomach.

He saw his father lying in a puddle of his own blood and when he tried to help his dad he was kicked in the ribs.

The old Afrikaner had been treated for an aneurism in the stomach seven years earlier and Adriaan believes the kick was so fierce that his dad sustained internal injuries and bleeding.

He drowned in his own blood. It was terrible. Blood came pouring from his mouth and nose. His dentures floated in his blood.’

The four heroes of the revolution then climbed back into their Mercedes and drove off, leaving an old man dead on the pavement.

SAPS lt Nomsa Sekele of the Benoni cops said they hadn’t arrested anyone because ‘the men were already gone when the police showed up.’

She didn’t say anything about trying to trace their Mercedes or alert the rest of the police force to keep a lookout for the men.

Labuschagne ‘s funeral takes place in Boksburg on Friday.

A “Justice Project South Africa spokesman blamed the motorists for the death: saying that ‘they should not under any circumstances get out of their cars no matter how angry THEY ARE AGAINST OTHER DRIVERS.’

“This can only end by you ‘winning the fight’ and get into a lot of trouble, or get badly injured.”


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