Taps running dry in Modimolle

Die Pos

Taps running dry in Modimolle
Taps running dry in Modimolle - Image - Die Pos

“The taps may run dry by the weekend. Donkerpoortdam looks like a slough.”

This warning comes from Johann Abrie, the newly elected speaker in the new Modimolle / Mookgophong board.

Abrie told Die Pos to remind residents who water their gardens to use water very sparingly. “The dam is empty and could be as low as 40 percent toward the weekend.”

Barend, a farmer who lives near the dam, posted photos on social media networks on Tuesday, August 23 showing how empty and dry the dam had become. “The water surface is only 120 m x 55 m. Since March the Little River Nile and Hessie’s water have diminished and there is no inflow into the dam,” he said. “There is no water, it’s just mud.”

Die Pos could not get any comments from the newly elected Modimolle Mookgophong Municipality regarding the severe water situation in Modimolle.

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