Squatters erect zinc shacks overnight – Bela-Bela

Die Pos

Squatters erect zinc shacks overnight – Bela-Bela
Squatters erect zinc shacks overnight - Bela-Bela -* Image - Die Pos

On Thursday, September 8th, the residents in the Roodepoort area outside Bela-Bela were stunned when squatters erected zinc shacks on one of the holdings.

Ockie Meyer, the owner of the Siesta apartments, said that during the course of the day, four people were removed for setting up shacks on his own private land.

He said since its boundaries have been stolen and have not been replaced, the squatters managed to access the property. He believes they come from the Spa Park area.

With the assistance of the Bela-Bela Crime Support Group (BBCS), the squatters were removed but they just move to the next property and set up shacks again, Meyer said.

“Four shacks would not have bothered me, but what will happen when more people come and build shacks and settle here?” Asked Meyer.

The illegal settlement in Kids Waving outside the village, next to the Alma road border, private land, had apparently seen the rise of shacks set up, overnight, in an unlawful manner. Another court date is yet to be determined for the removal of the squatters based on the passing of original order. AfriForum will pay for the application.

Die Pos previously reported that the Red Ants together with the sheriff sought quotes to evacuate the squatters, but due to some logistical requirements, had not yet been resolved.

Bela-Bela Municipality, who is one of the respondents in the court case, will in all probability determine where the illegal squatters will be relocated.

Jeremiah Ngobeni, the new mayor of Bela-Bela, during his first speech as mayor in August, raised concerns about the severe shortage of housing in the village. He said about 4,500 applications for housing remains in progress.

David Rabololo, spokesman for the municipality said applications for housing is a continuous process and people can visit the housing department’s offices in Lunaweg, for assistance. He undertook to investigate the question of squatters in Roodepoort.

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