Savage murder in retirement safety complex – Jakkie Grobler (80) was also raped

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Savage murder in retirement safety complex – Jakkie Grobler (80) was also raped
Savage murder in retirement safety complex - Jakkie Grobler (80) was also raped

Jakkie Grobler (80), was beaten to death with a knobkerrie, also raped, for a cell phone and a laptop. This in a retirement safety complex with electrified fence, security guards and an alarm.

Jakkie Grobler (80) was brutally beaten to death on Sunday 20 September 2020, in the Koraal retirement safety village in Polokwane.
She died from a blow of a knobkierie over her head. Police is also investigating a case of rape. It was 2 days after her 80th birthday.

Grobler was dropped at her house in the retirement village on Sunday by a friend Mr Frans du Toit (70). They visited family in Hoedspruit for the weekend where they celebrated her 80th birthday. She still had the same clothes on that she wore on Sunday when her body was found on her bed around 11:00 Monday morning.

There was deep wounds caused by a blunt object on her head. A knobkierie which was used to kill her was found near the fence of the complex. Only her cellphone and laptop were missing.

Ex Colonel Gawie Louwrens of Bosveld Misdaad Ondersoeke is now assisting the Police with their investigation and fingerprints of workers maintaining the complex’s gardens were taken on Wednesday. This does seem like another case of an inside job, in other words the deed was most probably done by somebody who knew the layout of the place.

Another senseless murder and rape of an old lady in her golden years who just wanted to make beautiful gardens, a grandmother with still much love to give.

We can’t tell you that this slaughter of elderly white people in South Africa will just stop overnight, it is likely to increase. The slaughter of our old people is not new, it has been happening for years. We keep on ignoring it and going on with our daily activities.

Fact is, it is the responsibility of all of us to look after the safety and security of our grandmothers and grandfathers in future. We cant just keep on living like we did 30 years ago.

The ANC ” transformed” South Africa in the meantime. Remember?

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