Real Concern as more lions are hacked to death

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A lions yawns at Nairobi's National Park March 11, 2013. REUTERS/Marko Djurica
A lions yawns at Nairobi's National Park March 11, 2013. REUTERS/Marko Djurica

It is outrageous, another three lions killed. Once again the heads and paws were hacked off and removed. The shocking incident happened in Grobbersdale where one lion was poisoned and two lines a male and female were shot n, Bela-Bela. After the unlawful killing, the heads and paws were removed. The lions body parts are presumably destined for the traditional muti market.

Should anybody have any information, please contact Captain Dave Retief, Limpopo Provincial Stock Theft on – 082-319-9460

Once is an event and twice a coincidence; now there is real concern that these are the first occurrences of what could be a rash of lion killings. Is poaching coming to the domain of the lion?

South Africa Today reported on an incident last week about two white lions found poisoned and heads and paws removed on a farm near Stockpoort, Limpopo and that the police had detained two suspects. An investigation into this occurrence is still underway. Now another brutal killing of white lions. It would seem that witchcraft is on the rise in South Africa. The first killing of the white lions was a nightmare, and now that another case has been reported it is a cause of great concern.

In the last article, it was said that the killing of animals can be used for witchcraft. The killing of animals are often brutal and use sharp rocks, knives, glass and machetes to hack off heads and body parts. In this second instance, it must have been a ritual as there is the belief that body parts of animals and humans have a potent, powerful effect. When an animal is hacked to death, the louder the agonizing screams before the animal surrender to death makes the potion more powerful.

Is there a rise in witchcraft activities in South Africa? The majority of South Africans believe in witchcraft, a culture rooted in the past. The horrific evidence is often linked to the continued kidnapping and murder of children and animals. The use of body parts for traditional medicine.

There has never been an accurate reflection of how many missing people in South Africa have been murdered for their body parts. There have been cases of where mortuaries attendants have been prosecuted for selling body parts of dead people.

There is the belief that body parts make medicine stronger, and individuals who receive the parts do not care where they come from. Traditional medicine and witchcraft are a lucrative trade. Do the authorities play down the total number of witchcraft-related murders that significant pales against the 60 murders a day current committed in South Africa?

Witchcraft raises a dark image for South Africa and not only are the lions killed, but humans are at a risk of being slaughtered for the insanity of an evil deed. Does government intervene, perhaps not as the president openly admitted to participating in these activities?

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