Burglars enter businesses through roof

Die Pos

Burglars enter businesses through roof
Burglars enter businesses through roof - Image - Die Pos

Burglars have caused havoc in Modimolle last week for several businesses after accessing the premises through a roof.

On Friday, August 19, Maretha Erichsen of the Let’s Nail It salon situated in the main street of Modimolle got a shock when she opened her business.

“I saw the place was a mess but did not immediately realize what had happened,” she told Die Pos. “It was only when I saw the hole in the roof; I realized there was a break-in. It was then that I discovered our cash, my camera, and a large bottle of acetone that we use to do our clients’ nails were missing, “she said.

A hole was cut in the roof, and the suspects cut a neat square through the ceiling to enter the premises. The same procedure was followed at a neighboring business, OutThere’s new store, when a burglary occurred.

“We suspect that this might be drug users because the acetone is gone. It is reportedly used as an ingredient when making drugs. Who else would take such a large bottle of acetone? “Said Erichsen.

Ao. James Findlay of the Modimolle police confirmed that several businesses have suffered burglaries in the same method. “In all the cases reported, the burglars access the premises through the roof,” he said. Police are investigating the cases.

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