Bela-Bela killer guilty of other charges

Die Pos

Bela-Bela killer guilty of other charges
Five suspects arrested after gruesome farm attack

The case in which two alleged killers, Clifford Cawood, and Hercules Delport accused of the murder of two people on Monday, June 27, resumed in the Bela-Bela Regional Court.

The case related to the two bodies that were found on the Alma Road near the old Warmbaths Dam and Modderspruit Primary School outside Bela-Bela in July and August 2015. One body was that of a man and the other a woman.

The police arrested Delport in connection with the murders in December 2015 and Cawood was detained in January 2016.

Delport was charged with the murder in Bela-Bela and during the same period accused of possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition in Boksburg. On May 26, the Boksburg Regional Court sentenced Delport to nine years in prison for possession of a firearm and six years imposed for possession of ammunition, “Die Pos” confirmed.

Cawood handcuffed, appeared alone in the Bela-Bela Regional Court on Tuesday, and his legal relief situation is unknown. He had earlier applied to the Legal Aid Board in Modimolle for legal representation.

It was said in court that requisition documents must be drawn up for Delport to reappear in Bela-Bela.

The case was postponed until Monday, August 1, and Cawood will remain in custody while Delport remains imprisoned for another offense.

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