AfriForum establishes another ‘farm watch’, Ellisras


AfriForum establishes another ‘farm watch’, Ellisras
AfriForum establishes another 'farm watch', Ellisras. Photo: AfriForum

The civil rights organisation AfriForum Ellisras branch established its Matlabas farm watch in this region to help combat crime in this area. AfriForum will also shortly hand over safety equipment to this farm watch.

“This farm watch forms part of our branch structure and has the objective of supporting the community in cooperation with the SAPS and other local safety institutions in times of need. AfriForum neighbourhood watch members and farm watch members sign a strict code of conduct to ensure that they act within the framework of the law at all times.

We also have a very active neighbourhood watch in Ellisras which has already achieved many successes. This is proof that AfriForum neighbourhood watches do in fact make a real difference,” says Jaco Grobbelaar, AfriForum District Coordinator for Limpopo.

Chris Burger was elected as Chairperson and Pieter Lamprecht as Vice chairperson of the farm watch. Gideon de Jager, Head of the Safety Portfolio of AfriForum Ellisras branch, says that the safety of all residents is a priority for the branch and that a substantial difference can be made by means of good cooperation.

“We would like to encourage the community to become involved and to help promote the safety of the residents of the Ellisras region.”

Become involved at your nearest AfriForum branch today: SMS “Plaaswag” to 45340 (R1).

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