Life in South Africa today

Life in South Africa today
Farm murders in South Africa Today.

Whenever I tell people I plan on emigrating, They want to know why I want to leave this (rubbish dump of a) country.

In 2016 alone:
January 11 – My car was broken into (in my yard at home).

January 16 – I was mugged at knife point, my friend was stabbed in the head and required 21 staples to close the wound.

January 23 – My mother and I, along with family, were robbed at gunpoint at her home in Kensington. We were tied up by these animals and some of us were assaulted – I watched these men kick and punch my mother while I lay on the floor, tied up, helpless.

And now, this morning (March 10), I wake up to find what you see in the pictures below.
The frequency. blatancy and intensity of crime in this country continues to worsen because it has become easier and easier for criminals to get away with doing these things. We are forced to live in constant fear of becoming victims of crime on a daily basis, and can be 90% certain that there will be no justice when these things happen.
So now, please tell me. Why stay?

Crime in South Africa today.
Crime in South Africa today.

Timothy Green

Source: Boere Krisis Aksie

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