Liberals don’t learn, Trollip under pressure

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Liberals don’t learn, Trollip under pressure
Liberals don't learn, Trollip under pressure. Photo: Front Nasionaal SA

The DA Mayor of Port Elizabeth, Athol Trollip, is one of those liberals who simply refuses to learn his lesson.

He is facing a motion of no confidence intended to remove him as mayor. Trollip became Mayor in 2016 when the DA formed a coalition with the EFF to take Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Council away from the ANC.

The coalition fell apart in the meantime and the former coalition partner is now tabling the motion against Trollip. This means that Nelson Mandela Bay will probably be returned to the ANC.

The motion was originally scheduled for 6 April, but when it transpired that the DA Councillors will not be able to attend, it was moved to 29 March.

One would imagine that Trollip would’ve learned by now who to trust and who not. After all, when it starts getting hot in the political kitchen, it seldom happens that black supports white. That is just how it is in South Africa.

Last Wednesday for example Trollip tried to address the crowd gathered to commemorate the Langa incident in 1985. He was booed off stage and struggle songs were sung. Some people even threatened to attack him with chairs and he had to leave the stage. Trollip said it was a conspiracy by the ANC to remove him and they should know that his sympathy lies with the families of the “victims” of the Langa incident.

Much good that argument did him!

Athol, they don’t want you. You’re too white.

ANC provincial executive committee deputy chairman Mlungisi Mvoko said the people who died on March 21 1985 were “ours”, not Trollip’s.
“Think about it – today we’re here commemorating Human Rights Day and we’re going to be led by Trollip, who was on the other side of the people who killed those we’re here to commemorate.”

And that summarises it all. Trollip’s desperate struggle to be as acceptable to the black voter as possible, would help him about as much as it did the English doctor who drove into a crowd of protesters in Soweto many years ago. When they attacked him he screamed desperately: “Don’t kill me, I’m English! I’m on your side!”

It is clear and obvious that the majority of the black population is not prepared to accept the leadership of any white person, despite how liberal he is. And it clearly predicts the message the DA will get in 2019!

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