Legal clarity for farmers – AfriForum produces series


Legal clarity for farmers – AfriForum produces series
Legal clarity for farmers - AfriForum produces series

The civil rights organisation AfriForum has produced a series, Die boer en die reg, with the aim of creating more legal certainty for farmers regarding various challenges facing rural residents in South Africa.

Farming in South Africa and living in rural environments is becoming a bigger challenge every day.

Unfortunately, farmers have to worry about much more than the current economic climate, weather conditions and producing food for millions of South Africans.

Moreover, they are regularly confronted with different risks that threaten their safety and for which legal assistance must be obtained.

In the series, legal experts and representatives of agricultural organisations talk about topics such as land grabs, trespassing, farm attacks, emergencies and self-defense, and also provide clarity on what farmers have to do in such cases.

“We believe this series will give farmers and rural residents more certainty about how to deal with some of the challenges. Problems such as land grabs and farm attacks are unfortunately a reality we have to live with, but the better prepared and informed farmers are, the sooner such cases can be addressed,” says Jacques Broodryk, AfriForum’s spokesperson for Community Safety.

Die boer en die reg is now available on AfriForumTV.

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