‘Leave our lands or we will do revenge slowly’ – Facebook comment

‘Leave our lands or we will do revenge slowly’ – Facebook comment
Burning hatred of white South Africans

(Daniel Lötter – Front National) – Some of you might remember that I have recently published an open letter to Riah Phiyega, the of the South African Police Service, in response to her support for Affirmative Action.

This was widely shared and read by literally thousands of people. On one of the pages where it landed, a certain Anderson Juif from Durban in KZN decided to comment. As far as I can gather, mr Juif is a black South African male. His burning hatred of white South Africans is emphatically clear in the attached screenshots of his postings.

Amongst other things, he states that: “Any white people doest feel confortable in south africa they ar free to pack and go to their natal home in europe, this africa is controled by us blacks u dnt like it fuckoff”…and the one which made my blood go cold and hot at once: “…leave our lands or we will do revenge slowly slowly…”

Two things immediately comes to mind:

Despite repeated explanations to this man, and those who think like him, that the black man has no superior claim to South Africa compared that of the White man, and that can be proven historically, it makes no impact.

The blatant liberal lie of : The white man stole your land, is so ingrained and has so become an easy excuse behind which to hide own incompetence, that I fear no analysis of history can ever cure this.

It makes the situation where we will have to address the question of co-existence even more urgent and decidedly more inevitable. Let us be honest: According to Juif and the likes of him, the black man was here first. We have the evidence in history books that this is not the case. They say: But those books were written by the white man, so it is not reliable, we were her first.

This debate is as old as South Africa and it will certainly be debated still when none of us are around any longer. So what now?

Juif has a solution: The white man must go back to Europe.

This will never happen. As little as Barack Obama and his fellow Negro Americans will pack their bags and return to central Africa and carry on as if nothing has happened, as little as that will White South Africa pack its bag and go back to Europe. This plan you might as well forget.

See, if White South Africa must pack their stuff and return to Europe, then Black South Africa must pack their stuff and return to the lakes and forests of Central Africa where they came from when the Berbers drove them southwards in the 17th century. But will they do that? Certainly not . Those lands, which I shall call “place of origin” is stricken with poverty, famine, disease…why would Juif and his kin leave a country which was developed by European skill and determination behind for what he would find in the jungles of Africa?

Juif calls Europe my “natal land” – Natalia from the Latin for “birth”. I was not born there. I was born in the Karoo – my first ancestor settled here in 1734 from Augsburg in Germany. After him, 9 generations were born in this country. This “natal land” of mine, Germany, is a foreign place with a foreign language to me. Thereby I also have the blood of the Huguenots (Theron, Nell), Dutch settlers (Van der Merwe, Geldenhuys), and Irish (Flanagan) in my veins. And yet, Cape Town and Pretoria and Bloemfontein are my cities, not Paris or Amsterdam or Dublin. I might know but few things, but this I know: I belong here. I am also a part of Africa.

And that is what we have on the table. The white man won’t go, the black man won’t go. We are all here. “Revenge” and “killing” and “genocide” and “wipe out” are words floating in the air lately. To what purpose? How can the soil of this land ever be rich and bear the fruits of future if it is drenched in the blood of the white man or of the black man? How can we ever shut our ears for the distant and disturbing wail of the voices of those who already perished in this senseless hatred. This, the country which should be our home, our place of safety, our mother has become a barren and desolate and sad place. And we need to change that.

We have to find a solution, because we have no other choice. And when I read the threats uttered by ordinary people like this man, I realise that we can no longer ignore the darkening clouds. We need to create a safe future for ourselves. That future, I believe, lies not within the state of unity. The country, first created by the National Convention of 1909 and called the Union of South Africa was limited after the creation of the Republic of South Africa in 1961 when the Bantu Homelands were “cut out” from the map of South Africa. After 1994 it was expanded to include these again. And yet, it never managed to achieve the ethnic peace a state of unity desperately needs to exist.

There is no sense in believing that a DA government can fix things. There is no government which can govern a country falling apart with hatred and blame, and populated by a nation, called a “rainbow nation”, which does not even exist.

The future for the survival of the White man in South Africa and the peaceful co-existence between black and white lies in the creation of self determination for every group in this country. Until such time the hatred against the minority groups will grow and escalate and one day raise its monstrous head.

And then it will be too late to say: I did not know.

‘Leave our lands or we will do revenge slowly’ – Facebook comment
Burning hatred of white South Africans

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