Land invasions, Ramaphosa’s authority, integrity now challenged

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Land invasions, Ramaphosa's authority, integrity now challenged. Photo:BKA
Land invasions, Ramaphosa's authority, integrity now challenged. Photo:BKA

TAU SA noted with concern that President Cyril Ramaphosa’s authority was openly challenged and organized with the land occupations in Gauteng last weekend.

Mr. Louis Meintjes, president of TLU SA says this action was clearly organized after Ramaphosa gave the promise that no land invasions will be tolerated.

“What is further alarming is that Mr. Ramaphosa’s own officials who are part of law enforcement agencies have essentially undermined him by refusing to act in many cases against the illegal land occupiers.”

Furthermore, Mr. Meintjes said that the land occupants are dissatisfied because they have no land for housing.

“Therefore, they do not want to farm and produce food, but only want more humane housing. This is not a problem for agriculture, and therefore government has to take it up with local authorities, instead of threatening farmers to expropriate their land without compensation. Local authorities have a lot of land at their disposal to build human dignified housing without using the already scarce agricultural land for it, “said Mr. Meintjes.

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