Land invasion: Lawley South of Johannesburg

Residents from the Lawley informal settlement have invaded land along the Lawley Road, south of Johannesburg.

The residents formed small groups on the land while community members addressed them amid heavy police presence.

According to Thabangu Masukela, a member of the community at the informal settlement, residents went to “claim” the land after Deputy Chief Whip of the Council, Justice Ngalonkulu told the leaders of the community: “This Lawley should be your new home.”

Masukela also said that they wanted to “protect” their land from residents of Lawley 2, another informal settlement who were also invading land.

The land that residents are claiming belongs to Frederick Joseph and Millas Jane Merry.

“The government has not spoken to us about these land claims,” Christian Merry, one of the sons of Frederick Joseph and Millas Jane told Radio Islam.

“Last year we saw an article in a local newspaper about our land going to be used for low cost housing. My parents consulted a lawyer to engage the government, and to date we have heard nothing,” he said.

Meanwhile residents maintain they are not going back on their action of not “claiming” the land. “The government has spoken to us about the land,” said one resident.

“Negotiate while we are staying there,” said another. ….

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