‘Land baron’ Ramaphosa’s reconciliation

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‘Land baron’ Ramaphosa’s reconciliation
'Land baron' Ramaphosa's reconciliation

The president of the ‘New SA’ Cyril Ramaphosa declared on reconciliation day that accelerated land reform has the potential to create good relations between all the people of the country.

There must be an attempt to achieve equality and this it seems can only happen if land is stolen without compensation.

The stability of the country is believed to be threatened because land is only in the possession of a small group. However no mention has been made of the many farms and properties that are in his name.

Observers believe the president has too much land while his people need to get the whites land, even though they are highly productive farmers who are losing their land.

Political analysts say if the president thinks that blacks who are satisfied because they obtain land and are now reconciling does not mean that those who lost their land will ever reconcile.

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