Yellowwood Park Copper Thief Cuffed

Yellowwood Park Copper Thief Cuffed

A suspected copper thief was apprehended on Tuesday morning by a Blue Security reaction officer in Yellowwood Park.

“The arrest followed an alert that two suspects had been seen removing copper pipes from the side of a building in the area,” said Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios. “On searching the property, the reaction officer came across two men hiding in the bush nearby. He was successful in apprehending one suspect but the other man managed to flee,” he said.

“Further investigations revealed that the copper piping connected to the air conditioning units had been removed,” Mathios said. Members of Montclair SAPS attended the scene and removed the suspect for further processing. Don’t underestimate the value of the items that criminals will break into your property to steal and protect those more neglected areas of your property with our safety tips for outer buildings. 

In a separate incident in Sydenham on Tuesday morning, Blue Security was successful in apprehending a trespassing suspect.”The suspect had initially fled the scene, but after receiving a detailed description of the man a search began of the surrounding area,” Mathios said. “The suspected trespasser was subsequently spotted during a patrol of the area and brought to book,” he said. Members of Sydenham SAPS arrested the suspect and took him into custody for further processing.

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