Woman stabbed: 100 Strong mob attack, seriously injure suspect, Verulam

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Woman stabbed: 100 Strong mob attack, seriously injure suspect, Verulam
Woman stabbed: 100 Strong mob attack, seriously injure suspect, Verulam. Photo: RUSA

A man who repeatedly stabbed the mother of his two year old daughter was seriously injured after he was assaulted by a mob in Wick Street in the Verulam CBD on Saturday 25 May 2019.

Members of Reaction Unit South Africa arrived at the scene at approximately 10:21 and found the woman bleeding excessively from at least six stab wounds she sustained to different parts of her body. While attending to the woman a group of men arrived at the scene with her boyfriend who fled after the incident. He was pursued and apprehended by witnesses in the vicinity of the Verulam Recreation Grounds.

The group of men began assaulting the suspect. A crowd consisting of nearly 100 people joined in the assault which resulted in the suspect being severely injured. Reaction Officers intervened and placed him under arrest. Two Reaction Officers were injured during the scuffle. The knife used in the attack was not recovered. The suspect is believed to have discarded the weapon after he fled the scene.

According to a witness the female victim runs an informal business on Wick Street. Her boyfriend who she had broken up with nearly two months ago approached her and attempted to hug her when she pushed him away. He then produced a pocket knife and began stabbing her.

According to a second witness known to the couple the suspect was refused visitation rights to see his child after he failed to financially support the baby. This decision was made by his girlfriend and not by the court. The witness believes that the suspect intended on meeting his former lover today in an attempt to reconcile their differences and became enraged when she rejected his advances.

The suspect was handed over to Police for further investigation.

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