Watch out for black bin bags on the road, they could have boulders in them.

Blue Security


Warning to all Siren readers. Please be aware of a new crime lurking on the roads of Durban. Criminals have come up with a new, quick and simple method in-an-attempt to stop and rob motorists and the only elements criminals require are a cheap black bin bag, a rock, a road and a bush.

It was dark, there were no lights near the offramp, but there was a black bin bag filled with a giant rock that criminals had placed in order for an unsuspecting driver to drive over, damage their car, stop to examine the damage and then be robbed by the criminals that set up the boobie-trap.

At the beginning of May a mother and son were on their way from Westville to Belville on the M7 around 19:00 before the incident occurred. Just before the driver was about to take the Belville off ramp, she did not notice the black bin bag that blended in with the shadowy dark colour of the absently lit tar road, until it was too late.

The motorist drove straight over the boulder that had been disguised by the black bin bag. She knew something was wrong, her instincts told her not to stop the car, she could tell it was a criminal set-up and carried on driving.

Before the driver had time to comprehend what had happened, her car engine started to give way.

The motorist panicked at the sudden violent jolting from the car and the smoke that started to fill the inside of the vehicle. She and her son were worried that the car might catch a light but were more worried about what, or who, might have been waiting in the nearby bushes for the motorists to get out of their car to examine the damage.

The driver listened to her instincts and had no intention of stopping to examine the extensive damage to the undercarriage of her vehicle. The motorist carried on driving in first gear with no other choice as her car’s engine was in the middle of malfunctioning.

In a catch 22 situation, the motorist’s vehicle ended up cutting out and the engine had given up. Luckily the mother and son had managed to get to a safe built-up area where they waited for help to arrive.

The SUV had been badly damaged from the incident with 2 of the rims that had buckled, the tyres had exploded, the chassis had been bent and multiple other issues with the undercarriage of the vehicle all accumulating to R20 000,00 worth of damage and 6 weeks in the shop for repairs (just imagine the damage if it were a hatchback).

Blue Security has advised the below tips to keep in mind when driving on the road:

  • If you are ever in a circumstance like the one mentioned above, call Blue Security immediately for assistance.
  • Drive slower at night than during the day to give yourself more time to respond to any obstacles that may be blocking the road.
  • If you see any form of plastic packet, black bin bag, box or container in the road do not attempt to ride over it, rather slow down and drive around it.
  • If you wear glasses to help you see long distance, make a special effort to remember to take your glasses with you whenever you need to drive somewhere to ensure you have a greater chance of viewing any obstacles in the road.

Please assist Blue Security in keeping Durban a safer place by sharing this article with friends and family to let them know about this crime trend that has started in the Durban area. Thank you.

Blue Security

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