Violent Home Invasions On The Increase in Durban

Violent Home Invasions On The Increase in Durban

Due to the increase of violent home invasions, Durban residents are urged to increase security measures around the home and be more vigilant; two violent incidents occurred in Sherwood and Yellowwood Park on Thursday afternoon.

A Sherwood resident was held at gunpoint, and his wife threatened, when four armed men invaded their home. The suspects entered the property by jumping over the front fence.

“They confronted the homeowner and demanded that he take them to his safe as they wanted cash and jewellery. Their hostile intent was further intensified when they threatened to kill his wife whilst holding a firearm to the back of her head,” said Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios.

The suspects fled in the white Toyota Etios that they had arrived in, taking a flatscreen TV, Yamaha amplifier, jewellery, cash, the house keys and all remotes.

No shots were fired during the incident but the victims were extremely traumatized and required counselling. An employee on the property was also kicked a few times but was not injured.

In a separate incident in Yellowwood Park on Thursday afternoon a resident was attacked by a group of three knife-wielding suspects on her property.

“Blue Security units responded to the panic activation to discover that the resident had attempted to alert her domestic employee by driving onto her driveway, after spotting three trespassers around the side of the house,” Mathios said.

When she drove into the front yard in order to get her housekeeper to activate the panic alarm, the three men advanced on her vehicle.

“The suspects proceeded to smash the vehicle’s front windscreen and dive into the car to grab her handbag. The woman’s children were in the vehicle at the time,” he said.

The suspects fled with her bag which contained valuables like bank and credit cards, cash and two cellphones.

One suspect was seen escaping in the direction of the railway line.

The resident was fortunate to only sustain minor injuries on one finger.

SAPS attended both incidents and investigations are continuing.

Advice for our Communities

“Recent incidents have been far more violent in nature and involving larger groups of suspects. Residents are urged to be aware of suspicious individuals or activities in the area and to alert their neighbourhood watch, security providers and SAPS,” Mathios said.

  • Install beams on perimeters which will provide an early warning of something amiss.
  • Keep panic alarm buttons at hand to activate at the slightest indication of something amiss.
  • Please consult with home security providers on what precautionary measures to take on the property.

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