Vigilant response officer catches Queensburgh thief

Vigilant response officer catches Queensburgh thief

The combined efforts and effective communication between neighbourhood watches and security providers resulted in successful arrests in Queensburgh and Ashley, Pinetown, in the early hours of Friday morning.

Swift response by two Blue Security patrol vehicles patrolling the Moseley/Northdene area in Queensburgh resulted in the arrest of an alleged thief in the early hours of Friday morning. “The incident occurred when one of our patrol vehicles in the area spotted a suspicious-looking individual emerging from the bush near the railway line just before 3am on Friday morning,” said Blue Security Tactical Ambassador for Moseley and Queensburgh, Andre Engels.

“Our reaction officer called for backup and our second patrol car responded quickly. A quick search of the suspect revealed a cellphone in his possession, which was not his. Information received from the suspect indicated that the cellphone had been removed earlier from a house in Glen Park,” Engels said. The suspect was handcuffed and transported to the scene of the theft with the assistance of a member of the Moseley Neighbourhood Watch. The homeowner identified the cellphone as his as it had his wife’s photograph as wallpaper.

“The housebreaking had occurred earlier. The suspect had gained access to the property by jumping over a wall and then forced open a bedroom window. He had removed the cellphone through the burglar bars,” Engels said. The suspect was detained and handed over to Pinetown SAPS for further processing.

“While standing down with the suspect, our reaction officers were informed by SAPS that an armed robbery had occurred a few streets away. “A resident had been overcome by two suspects when she had stepped outside the kitchen. “The men forced her inside, tied her up and robbed her of her vehicle, a plasma TV and two cellphones,” Engels said. Pinetown SAPS attended the scene and a case has been opened.

In a separate incident in Ashley, Pinetown two suspects were pursued and apprehended in a combined effort by the neighbourhood watch and the community after a housebreaking in the area. “Our reaction officers joined members of two other security providers in assisting in securing the area after the housebreaking suspect was apprehended.

“The suspect had been operating by fence-jumping from one property to the next. “The Ashley Neighbourhood Watch’s swift reaction and combined efforts played a major role in the successful apprehension of the suspect and should be applauded,” Engels said. “All of these incidents highlight the importance of the community getting involved in fighting crime by joining neighbourhood watches. The presence of dedicated patrol vehicles is also a major contributing factor in the fight as it allows for more visible patrolling and quicker response time,” Engels said.

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