Use of ‘muthi’ by suspects in robbery and kidnaping cases, Mtubatuba

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Use of ‘muthi’ by suspects in robbery and kidnaping cases, Mtubatuba
Use of muthi by suspects in robbery and kidnaping cases, Mtubatuba

Tholakele Bayeni (54) and Sipho Sishi (65) appeared for the third time in the Mtubatuba Magistrate’s Court for robbery and kidnaping. They were remanded in custody until 19 June for further investigation and additional charges.

It is alleged that on 31 May 2019, a 77 year old woman was walking in the Mtubatuba CBD when an unknown woman touched her shoulder with a green substance. An unknown man appeared from nowhere and they both informed her that she will have bad luck if she does not remove the green muthi (traditional medicine) and her money will be of no value. Fearing bad luck she followed the two accused to their vehicle as they promised to help her remove the curse and accompany her to the police station to report the matter.

She was taken to a grey VW Polo driven by an unknown man, where the suspects brushed the victim with a cabbage leaf. The suspects removed R500-00 from her possession and drove away with her still in the vehicle. She then realised that she was being deceived and that the vehicle was not going to the police station as promised.

She attempted to open the door and the driver lost control of the vehicle in the process. Police officers who were performing crime prevention duties noticed that the vehicle was being driven recklessly and gave chase. The police officers apprehended two suspects whilst the driver managed to flee the scene. The suspects returned the stolen money to the victim and were detained at the Mtubatuba police station.

Another victim who heard about the arrest of the suspects came forward and informed the police that he was also robbed by the suspects while returning from the bank. The man alleged that he was approached by an unknown woman who asked him to direct her to a toilet.

Out of respect for the elderly woman, the victim agreed to direct her to a restroom. The woman complained about the state of the toilet being filthy. She requested that he take her to an isolated area instead. While waiting for her an unknown vehicle approached and he was robbed of R115 000-00 by the occupants who fled the scene after the robbery.

The matter was reported to Mtubatuba SAPS for investigation.

We are appealing to anyone who was robbed by the same suspects to contact police at Mtubatuba SAPS or the investigating officer Sergeant Mthembu on 072 275 8764.

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