Suspects fleeing from fatal shooting nabbed in Isipingo

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Suspects fleeing from fatal shooting nabbed in Isipingo
Fatal shooting suspect arrested in Isipingo. Photo Alpha alarms.

Alpha Alarms armed response officers arrested 3 fleeing suspects on Wilcox Road earlier today. Prior to the arrest there was a shooting reported on Old Main Road, Isipingo Rail.

The Alpha Control Room received a call about the shooting on Old Main Road and Alpha armed response was immediately dispatched to the scene.

As they were proceeding down Wilcox Road, The Alphas saw four African males fleeing with SAPS officers in pursuit on foot.

The Alphas chased and arrested three suspects.

One suspect fled into the storm water drain on Wilcox Road. The Alphas and SAPS members escorted the suspects to the scene of the fatal shooting at the intersection of Jadwat and Old Main Road and the suspects were handed over to police on site.

As the Alphas returned to their response vehicle on Wilcox Road, they spotted two suspects who fled upon noticing the response officers. The response officers surveyed the area under the bridge and recovered a back pack containing knives, screwdrivers and a customized wheel spanner together with an assortment of SIM cards.

Alpha armed response members, Dhevan Govindasamy and Michael Hlongwane are commended on the excellent response and arrests.

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