Suspect Shot during Car Chase

Suspect Shot during Car Chase

A robbery suspect was shot and arrested after a car chase following a home invasion in Essenwood on Wednesday afternoon.

“The incident occurred after Blue Security armed response officers responded to an alert that shots had been heard in the Essenwood area,” said Blue Security’s Central Tactical Ambassador.

“On arrival at the address it was confirmed that four armed intruders had invaded the home and held up the resident at gunpoint,” he said. “The gang then made their escape in a getaway vehicle taking TVs, laptops, and jewellery. As they were driving away a patrolling security vehicle from another company noticed the suspicious activity,” the Tactical Ambassador said. “The suspects opened fire on the officer, narrowly missing him. The officer returned fire on the fleeing suspects as they sped off,” he said.

“Information of the incident and a description of the vehicle was immediately circulated amongst units in the area. A short while later a Blue Security unit driving along King Dinuzulu Road (Berea Road) noticed a vehicle matching the getaway car’s description that had crashed on the corner of Lena Arens and King Dinuzulu Roads in Glenwood,” he said. “On approaching the vehicle he noticed bullet holes on the driver’s door and an injured suspect inside the car. The suspect had been shot,” the Tactical Ambassador said.

“Electronic equipment was still inside the vehicle. The Blue Security officer immediately called for backup and was able to secure the suspect and control the scene assisted by members of the public until additional law enforcement units arrived,” he said. “Eyewitnesses informed the officers that the other three suspects had jumped into a nearby property, leaving the injured driver in the vehicle,” the Tactical Ambassador said.

“Unfortunately a search of the property by Blue response and Tactical officers revealed that the suspects had disappeared and managed to evade capture. However, a bag containing a laptop and the stolen jewellery was recovered and handed over to members of Umbilo SAPS present at the crime scene,” he said. Investigations are continuing.

In a separate incident in Jacobs on Wednesday, a businessman was held up and hijacked of his new BMW X5. “The motorist was held up by two armed men on foot. They were both in possession of firearms,” he said. “A cellphone was also stolen during the hijacking. The motorist was not injured. Investigations are continuing,” the Tactical Ambassador said.

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