Response officer chases down fleeing armed suspect in Umbilo area

Response officer chases down fleeing armed suspect in Umbilo area

A Blue Security armed response officer who stopped to assist metro police with an arrest was slightly injured in a shootout between a suspect and metro police in Umbilo this morning.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said Metro police officers flagged down the armed response officer for assistance early this morning. “The Metro police officers had arrested three suspects who were in possession of stolen goods when they stopped our officer who was patrolling the area. One of the suspects then grabbed one of the police officer’s firearms and pointed it at our officer. A shot was fired and metro police returned fire. A bullet grazed our officer on the head and he fell to the ground,” Mathios said.

“Our officer had called for back up on arrival and when the back up officer arrived he shouted out to a group of vagrants who were nearby to stop the suspects from getting away. The vagrants formed a human shield and blocked the suspects from fleeing the scene,” Mathios said.

“One of the suspects sustained a minor injury to his face. Metro police officers and members of Blue Security managed to apprehend all three suspects at the scene.” Mathios said. ER24 paramedics arrived at the scene to assess the armed response officer and the suspect. “Our officer sustained a minor bullet graze injury to the head and was taken to a nearby hospital for further attention. The three suspects were taken into police custody,” he said.

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