Pinetown motorist shot dead by cold-blooded robbers

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Armed robbers shot dead a Pinetown motorist in his driveway in Motala Heights on 4 March 2019.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the motorist was exiting his driveway when a gang of armed suspects pulled up and blocked his vehicle in. We were alerted to the incident occurred at around 8.20am. “Three suspects, all armed with firearms, pulled up in a white Toyota Tazz and blocked the motorist’s vehicle in. Suspects jumped out of the vehicle and opened the driver’s door of the victim’s vehicle and opened fire on him,” Mathios said.

“The suspects demanded cash and cellphones from the victim’s wife and fled the scene. Provincial paramedics who responded to the scene declared the victim dead,” Mathios said.

Pinetown SAPS attended the scene of the crime.

Mathios warned residents to be extremely vigilant when pulling out of driveways and arriving home following reports of several hijackings across Durban in recent weeks. “Before leaving home and opening the driveway gates, it is important to do a quick check of your road outside to make sure there is no one loitering outside and that there are no suspicious vehicles parked nearby. It’s also important to keep any shrubs and trees around your fence line and on the verge well trimmed to minimise any potential hiding places for criminals.”

Mathios advised residents to always stop their vehicles parallel to the verge while waiting for the driveway gate to open when arriving home. “This will prevent suspects from being able to block your vehicle in the driveway to prevent you from driving away. Always wait for the gate to open completely before turning into the driveway. If you notice anyone suspicious nearby in the road, rather listen to your gut feeling, drive to your local police station and contact your security company to investigate,” he said.

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