Pinetown housebreaker tracked down and arrested by victim

Blue Security

Pinetown housebreaker tracked down and arrested by victim
Pinetown robber arrested by victim. Photo Blue Security.

A Blue Security crime scene camera man fell prey to a robber at his Pinetown home on 9 March, which led to a lengthy man hunt ending in the victim arresting and handing the suspect over to the local police.

Pinetown robber arrested in Kings Road Blue Security operations manager Brian Jackson said the company’s camera man, Andreas Mathios, was on standby at home when a suspect who appeared to be addict gained entry onto his property at around 11am. “He was an opportunistic criminal who strolled onto the property through the front gate, but he was spotted when his german shepherd sounded the alarm. He was also identified via a CCTV surveillance camera on site,” Jackson said.

Mathios, who is nicknamed “Superman” for the speed and dedication with which arrives at many local crime scenes, said he went outside to investigate just as the suspect slipped out of a granny flat on the property. “I lunged at him and yelled for my dog to come and help. The suspect fled and managed to escape around the side of my yard and forced his way out of the main gate,” he said.

Mathios said a description of the suspect, who had stolen cash from a relative who lives in the flat, was circulated via social networks to neighbourhood watch groups that had sprung into action. He said the Ashley and Pineridge neighbourhood watch groups had played a pivotal role in helping him track down the suspect.

“After four hours of tracking through various leads in the community the suspect was eventually spotted trespassing on a property in Kings Road where, with the assistance of Blue Security, I arrested him and handed him over to the Pinetown police at the scene,” Mathios said.

A case of theft and trespassing was opened at the Pinetown Police station.

Jackson commended the team work of the neighbourhood watch groups, the police and the armed response officer who attended the scene.

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