Normandie farm murders: Security cameras record shocking progression of events

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Normandie farm murders: Security cameras record shocking progression of events
Normandie farm murders: Security cameras record shocking progression of events. Photo: Oorgrens Veiligheid

Security cameras stationed along roads in the rural area of Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal recorded the shocking progression of events relating to the murder of a well-known couple from the area just after they had arrived home from town.

Mr Glen Rafferty (63) and his wife, Vida (60), from Normandie just outside Newcastle were shot dead after their attackers had disabled the security cameras at their home. One of the security cameras monitoring the rural roads in the area recorded the couple driving to their farm from town moments before the murders took place.

And not long after the murders were committed, another camera recorded the murderers fleeing the scene in their vehicle via another road.

It is lamentable that the attack took place despite all the safety measures. Crime in the area is exceptionally high and the safety and security system may help to prevent more serious incidents from occurring in the region.

There are many incidents of livestock theft in the area and the assistance offered by the police in addressing the problem leaves much to be desired.

The couple’s vehicle was found abandoned not too far off as the suspects apparently fled from there using another vehicle.

It raises burning questions about the reason for the murders and whether the attack was possibly premeditated.

The FF Plus expresses its sincerest condolences to the victims’ family and friends and the party once again calls on all farmers to do everything in their power to ensure their safety, like joining action groups and utilising technology to try and prevent attacks.

People are also urged to be vigilant at all times and to do everything they can, within the constraints of the law, to protect themselves, their families and property.

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Double farm murder: Couple attacked and shot to death, Normandien