Massive destruction, N3 near the Mooi Rivier toll plaza

Waterberg Veiligheid/Sekuriteit

Massive destruction, N3 near the Mooi Rivier toll plaza
Massive destruction, N3 near the Mooi Rivier toll plaza. Photo: Willshire security

With the last of the flaming trucks being doused and the mammoth task of clearing the N3 beginning, the trucking industry takes stock of its darkest hour in South Africa.

In Mooi River last night apparently 23 trucks were torched and burnt to ashes (SAPS report 35 trucks damaged) with at least one man paying the ultimate price for being a breadwinner along a 3 km stretch of road between the Mooi River toll booths and the Treverton off ramps.

This was not linked to service delivery protests.

There is some ‘bigger’, organised group which targeted the trucking industry for whatever its aim is – allegedly to protest against the employment of foreign truck drivers by local companies.

This is the fourth, albeit the worst such attack on trucks using similar tactics in the short space of four weeks which, with apparently 23 trucks being torched in one night brings the total to over 40 trucks which have been destroyed from the first incident at Mooi River on April 2nd.

While the trucks were burning, looters from the local Bruntville community got in on the act, some hitting stores in the town.

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Protest, looting, 35 trucks damaged, burnt, N3 Mooi River

SOURCEWaterberg Veiligheid/Sekuriteit