Man stabbed, rescues daughter, home invasion, WinkleSpruit

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Man stabbed, rescues daughter, home invasion, WinkleSpruit
Man stabbed twice, rescues daughter, home invasion, WinkleSpruit. Photo: George Snodey

Well done Andre van Rensburg. A local resident Andre was woken up by his young daughters screams from her room at a complex in Middleton road WinkleSpruit.

When he rushed to her aid she had already struck the suspect on the head with her her hockey stick, he then tried to strangle her but Andre came to her aid, and the suspect and Andre then had a wrestling match which ended up in the kitchen, where the suspect managed to get hold of a knife and stabbed Andre twice but Andre held on and eventually subdued the suspect.

Fortunately they are ccpo clients, and within 5 mins the ccpo were standing off to assist the family. This suspect had been in another complex 30 mins prior to this, but was disturbed by the resident, and fled but she managed to get a clothing description, bright green top and black longs before he got out of the flat.

The suspect then went 100m up the road and broke into the Gordon unit. This suspect is well known to sap and ccpo, having already been in prison on 3 occasions for house breaking, so it was a relief for us to arrive and see it was him who was eventually arrested.

I have put a photo of the burglar guard that the suspect removed , without waking anybody up on here so you can see which ones they are if you have these fitted it’s a good time to get them changed or really well fastened so they can at least make more noise when they breaking in which may help to wake you up before the scumbag gets into your premises.

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