Lotus Park resident narrowly escapes being tasered by robber

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Lotus Park resident narrowly escapes being tasered by robber
Lotus Park resident narrowly escapes being tasered by robber

A Lotus Park resident came face to face with a suspect and narrowly missed being tasered when the unknown African male walked into her house earlier today. He fled after stealing a gazebo from outside.

Alpha Alarms control room received a call for assistance after a house break-in in Erythrina Avenue was reported. An Alpha armed response officer was immediately dispatched to the non client’s premises and was the first respondent on the scene. Upon arrival at the scene, it was discovered that the suspect had fled through Plumeria Place into the bushes headed towards Flamboyant Drive. A search was conducted, but no arrest was made.

The resident told the Alpha member that the door had been left opened, and the suspect walked in. The suspect and resident came face-to-face with each other. The female homeowner screamed, and she told the Alpha officer that the suspect had a shocking device in his hand and attempted to lunge at her with it. She ducked a few times and said the suspect retreated. He ran out and quickly grabbed a gazebo which had been left outside. The suspect made a quick getaway when he saw that the scene as attracting attention.

According to the resident, there were two girls in the house at the time, and she feared for their safety as well as her own. She reported that the suspect is short and had been wearing shorts and a cap. It is alleged by residents that the suspect has an accomplice who could be armed.

Alpha officers are on high alert for the suspects. Residents are urged to be vigilant and report suspicious persons to the police or their security service provider.

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