Jacobs business robbery, accused sentenced to 12 years, Durban

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Jacobs business robbery, accused sentenced to 12 years, Durban
Jacobs business robbery, accused sentenced to 12 years, Durban

Detective Warrant officer W.N Marais was assigned to investigate a case of Business Robbery that occurred on 9 November 2021, at 15:00 at Phillip Frames in Jacobs, which eventually secured him a 12 year conviction.

The complainant was inside the company premises in Phillip Frame Street in Jacobs, where she was busy at work, when suddenly four male suspects entered inside the premises.

One of the suspect produced a firearm and the others demanded money and cellphones from the complainant and another employee at gunpoint.

An amount of R1600 cash and a Huawei and a Mobicel cellphone were taken by the suspects from the employees.

After the commission of the crime, the suspects jumped into a grey Peugeot vehicle and left the crime scene.

On that Monday the 15 November 2021 at about 08:30 the complainant was at Wentworth SAPS, when she noticed one of the suspects known to her inside the police station premises. She recognized him as one of the males who had robbed her from the company premises the week before. She immediately called Detective W/O Marais and pointed the suspect out to him and the suspect was arrested and detained for Business Robbery, which he later admitted to.

The suspect Preston Marais, aged 25 was charged and he appeared shortly thereafter in Durban Court on the 17th November 2021.

Bail was granted by the court, and the accused kept on appearing in court until he was convicted and found guilty of Business Robbery and sentenced to 12 years direct imprisonment on 22 June 2022 and will be serving his sentence in Westville prison.

The detective was commended by the Station Commander Colonel S.P Mtshali and Station management for arresting the said suspect and through his professional dedicated investigation secured an excellent conviction.

Wentworth Station Commander, Colonel S.P. Mshali said, “This conviction will send a strong message to others who think of committing any other crime in Wentworth precint. Criminals who prey on vulnerable persons will face the full might of law and be punished for their wrong doing. We don’t need such people in our community.”

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