Intended rape of child at primary school, 2 armed men arrested, Verulam

Reaction Unit South Africa

Intended rape of child at primary school, 2 armed men arrested, Verulam
Intended rape of child at primary school, 2 armed men arrested, Verulam. Photo: RUSA

Two Indian males have been arrested by members of Reaction Unit South Africa after they entered a primary school armed with firearms with the intention of raping a 13 year old female learner.

At approximately 12:59 the RUSA Operations Centre received a call from a staff at Mounthaven Primary School in Mountview, Verulam. The caller sounded frantic and informed the controller that two males were on the school property armed with firearms.

Reaction Officers converged on the school and gained entry onto the premises. Several children, the caretaker and a tuck shop employee were located on the school grounds and interviewed while several other Officers began a search for the suspects.

RUSA Members were informed that two males had entered the premises drew firearms and were walking in the school corridors and grounds. The suspects then exited the school premises over the fence and re entered the school a minute later while clutching their firearms. They fled upon noticing the approaching response vehicles. The suspects were described as males in their mid twenties. One suspect was dressed in a green t shirt and blue jeans while his accomplice was attired in a red t shirt and blue jeans.

Both suspects appeared to be drugged.

Reaction Officers blocked all entrances and exits for approximately one kilometre radius of the school and began a search. Upon receiving information Officers managed to locate a residence and identified one of the suspects. He was arrested approximately 100 meters from his home and was positively identified.

The arrested suspect then provided information that he and a 32 year old drug user who resides at a nearby flat had purchased rock cocaine earlier. They then proceeded to a nearby flat to smoke the drugs when they were confronted by an Indian female. During the altercation the men drew a pistol and pointed it at the female. Then then informed her that they were proceeding to the school where they would find her 13 year old daughter and rape her to teach the woman a lesson. The woman’s daughter attends Mounthaven Primary School.

Reaction Officers then proceeded to the flats in search of the 32 year old male. He was not found at his residence and could not be located in the vicinity. Officers extended the search to a nearby low cost housing settlement. He was eventually located and taken back to his residence where a firearm was recovered. The firearm was covered in vomit.

The suspect’s clothes as described by witnesses at the school was found on the floor of his bedroom. He was attired in his underwear after he fled his home in a an attempt to evade arrest.

Both suspects were handed over to the South African Police.

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